Right Wing Round-Up

  • Why doesn’t anyone seem to care about Sen. John Ensign’s corruption?
  • Will health care reform require that the IRS hire 16,000 new agents?  No.
  • VA Gov. Bob McDonnell has angered the Sons of Confederate Veterans by apologizing for failing to mention slavery in his proclamation of Confederate History Month.
  • Sarah Plain says people need to stop calling the GOP “the party of no” even though the GOP is right to be “the party of no” when it comes to opposing Obama.
  • Rep. Jerry Moran thinks that questions about his living arrangements at the house on C Street amount to an attack on his faith.
  • Tony Perkins warns the GOP it’s not the only game in town.
  • You know what is to blame for the Catholic Church’s sex abuse problem?  Gay marriage.
  • Is anyone surprised that Glenn Beck doesn’t “give a flying crap about the political process“? Of course, if I could make $32 million spouting gibberish, I wouldn’t care either.