Right Wing Round-Up

  • Media Matters: Robertson’s advice to women: “[M]ake yourself as attractive as possible”.
  • Warren Throckmorton: Lou Engle regrets the promotion of Anti-Homosexuality Bill during TheCall Uganda; urges bill supporters not to give in to Western opposition.
  • Andy Birkey: Bachmann: ‘No question’ Obama is worst president in history.
  • Joe.My.God: Yuma AZ Mayor Says “Limp-Wristed” Homos Shouldn’t Be In Military.
  • Timothy Kincaid: “Public Advocate” becoming publicly paranoid.
  • Eric Lach: SC County GOP Calls On Knotts To Resign Over ‘Raghead’ Comment.
  • Think Progress: Tea Party and FreedomWorks plan demonstration against mandatory trash collection.
  • David Neiwert: Glenn Beck’s ‘Overton Window’ ad: Try not to laugh. We dare you.
  • Chris Rodda: No, Mr. Beck, John Adams Did Not Think Governments Must be Administered by the Holy Ghost.