Right Wing Round-Up – 11/16/16

  • Robyn Pennacchia @ Friendly Atheist: Pastor Rick Joyner is Furious About Rep. Keith Ellison’s Non-Existent Ties to the Nation of Islam.
  • Dan Quinn @ TFN Insider: Disingenuous Cynthia Dunbar Unites Texas Ed Board Against Her Textbook.
  • Erin Corbett @ Raw Story: Bill O’Reilly trashes Megyn Kelly for discussing Roger Ailes’ sex scandal in her memoir: ‘Loyalty is good’.
  • Shaun King @ NY Daily News: Mike Huckabee’s misleading Facebook post undermines real hate crimes.
  • Media Matters: Ann Coulter: Trump Should Address “The Black Youth Unemployment Rate, How About We Get Them To Work Building A Wall?”