Right-Wing Pastor Says Removal Of Confederate Monuments Is ‘Spiritual Preparation’ For The Coming Of The Antichrist

As we noted last month, Sheila Zilinsky’s “Weekend Vigilante” podcast is a repository of radical right-wing views and insane conspiracy theorists, so it was no surprise to see that her most recent episode was dedicated to exposing the supposed dangers and secret influence of the Freemasons.

Zilinsky’s guest was Pastor Randy Richey of Christ Outreach Oklahoma, who claimed that President Bill Clinton was never removed from office because he was protected by fellow Freemasons and who asserted that the removal of Confederate monuments is an effort to prepare America for the coming of the Antichrist.

“We had a president of the United States that awhile back committed a sexual sin in the White House,” Richey said. “Everybody knew he did it. The evidence was overwhelming that he did it. It was proven that he lied to Congress, so the House of Representatives—I’m talking about the man that was married to the woman that didn’t win, thank you, Lord, in the name of Jesus—and when he went to court in the Senate, they did not impeach him. And I’m telling you they did not impeach him because the Senate is full of Masons and there is no way they’re going to impeach a brother Mason.”

“Listen church,” he warned later in the podcast, “it won’t be long and the Antichrist will be on the scene. Even the ridiculous tearing down of all these statues, I looked at that and the reason behind it is there is an ignorance of history, among other things, but listen to me, the reason they’re tearing them down is a precursor. When the Antichrist comes to power, there ain’t going to be any statues of anybody but him … The Antichrist will not allow any worship but to him and that is being prepared, that is the spiritual preparation for that day.”