Right Wing Leftovers – 11/8/12

  • The Romney campaign has finally conceded the state of Florida, bringing the final electoral vote tally to 332-206.
  • Speaking of the Romney campaign, here’s a glimpse at the nightmare that almost was.
  • Here is how OneNewsNow reports the various victories for marriage equality: “The Evergreen State joined Maine and Maryland — each also winning 52 to 48 percent — to make a total of nine states (plus Washington, DC) that allow the unbiblical partnerships.”
  • On a related note, Ken Hutcherson blames the National Organization for Marriage, Focus on the Family, and the Family Policy Institute for sidelining him in the marriage fight in Washington because he was “too controversial,” saying “they did not want me involved basically in the top leadership, so I took a back seat and let them run with it. And that really hurt our unity out here.”
  • These sorts of post-election analysis pieces are useless because you could pick any demographic and argue that is only X number of them had voted differently, the other candidate would have won.
  • Finally, Glenn Beck and crew spent a few minutes today blaming that “fat bastard” Gov. Chris Christie for costing Mitt Romney the election: