Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You Might Get Leprosy

  • It’s pretty telling that Bill Mitchell finds it “very strange” that Democrats are concerned about preventing the spread of COVID-19 even though the virus mostly kills older people who “tend to vote Republican.”
  • Samuel Rodriguez defends the upcoming Promise Keepers rally, at which he’ll be speaking: “I was taken aback that anyone could interpret this as spreading ‘anti-trans hate.’ I’m not Ken Harrison, the one organizing the event. But I am one of the speakers, and nowhere in my speech did I intend to spread hatred or to attack anyone.”
  • Milo Yiannopoulos has reached the point of his “I’m Now Ex-Gay” religious-right tour where he’s having a lovefest with virulent bigot Rick Wiles.
  • Hank Kunneman warns his fellow Christians that they “better be careful” about criticizing “prophets” such as himself: “It’s a dangerous place, and some of you might get leprosy.”
  • Finally, Jenna Ellis has gone from being a high-profile campaign lawyer for former President Donald Trump to now interviewing “Prolific Social Influencer ‘Catturd.'”