Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Women and Their Chronic Malcontentedness

  • Lance Wallnau warns that “America is under a corporate witchcraft attack. It’s a spell. We are numb to news, incapable of outrage. The Left has brainwashed its audience in counterfeit grievances and perverted justice. “
  • BarbWire argues that President Trump constantly firing his staff and Cabinet members is a good thing: “He conducted his business life the same way and no one can argue that he wasn’t a successful businessman. He is trying to fix a broken nation with the same methods he used to build a business empire and not everyone is cut out to follow his way of doing things.”
  • Dennis Prager says that “women have to overcome the power of their emotions and their chronic malcontentedness in order to mature into good women.”
  • Apparently Taylor Swift “has fully-embraced an alt-left character” because she donated money to an LGBTQ organization.
  • Finally, Andrew Wommack claims that PBS is coming to his Charis Bible College to film a program with him and John Tesh discussing Tesh’s supposedly miraculous healing from cancer.