Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Why Is Theodore Shoebat Allowed On YouTube?

  • Kevin Swanson is not a fan of “Avengers: Infinity War,” warning that the film is leading viewers into polytheism.
  • Intercessors For America president Dave Kubal had a meeting with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue yesterday.
  • We are not sure why YouTube is allowing Theodore Shoebat to post videos declaring that gay people should be put to death, especially since when we post videos of him saying things like that that, our videos get removed for violating YouTube’s community standards.
  • A simple lesson from Dave Daubenmire: “Climate change is natural. Deviant sexual behavior is not.”
  • Finally, the platform Richard Spencer was using to raise money to cover his legal fees has frozen his account, but alt-right activist Chuck Johnson has offered him a place to fundraise in the meantime.