Right Wing Bonus Tracks: What’s Wrong With A Photo-Op?

  • Josh Bernstein says Democrats “have never gotten over slavery. If they could, they would enslave people today.”
  • Mark Taylor assures Christians that the United States is not under judgment from God because “if America was under judgment, Hillary Clinton would have been the president.”
  • Tucker Carlson accused the National Republican Congressional Committee of using “ethnic slurs” after it responded to columnist Kurt Schlichter’s complaint about NRCC’s many fundraising text messages, tweeting, “This text raised $198,021 toward electing conservatives to Congress. But we’ll certainly pass your complaints on to our manager, Karen.”
  • DeAnna Lorraine sold the Kindle version of her new book for $1 just so that she could brag that it was a “best seller” on Amazon—in categories like “gerontology” and “pragmatism.”
  • Scott Lively believes that churches should be “exempt” from governmental laws and regulations “because the church is a separate sovereign.”
  • Sen. Ted Cruz will lead a hearing in the Senate Committee on the Judiciary next week entitled “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence.”
  • Paula White quotes Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson as saying that they are fighting “real evil enemies against America, and they are the evil enemies against God.”
  • Finally, David Barton has nothing but praise for President Donald Trump’s blatant photo-op in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church: “What’s wrong with it being a photo op? You’re holding the Bible up to all of America and saying, this is a good deal and it’s under attack, what’s wrong with that photo op?