Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Weakness on a Global Scale

  • Dave Daubenmire is plotting to start a local chapter of Black Lives Matter, so he can use it as cover to protest Planned Parenthood.
  • Ann Coulter defends the Proud Boys: “The magnificent Proud Boys have protected me (and more relevantly, people coming to see me) all over the country. Conservatives would defend them, except it might interfere with their daily estrogen injections.”
  • Sid Roth says that President Donald Trump is “a miracle” and “the greatest proof that there is a God in Heaven.”
  • Errol Webber, a Republican running to represent California’s 37th District in the U.S. House, isn’t a fan of wearing masks to lessen the spread of COVID-19: “Wearing a mask 4 months into a virus is like wearing a condom to a baby shower.”
  • Josh Bernstein thinks that Trump should never been seen wearing a mask because doing so signals that we are “a submissive, subservient nation” and “shows weakness on a global scale.
  • For conservatives who want to “oppose the radical agenda of the woke left,” The Federalist has some simple advice: Stop using Facebook, Instagram, Google and Amazon, and keep your children out of public schools.
  • Finally, Hank Kunneman is angry when lies are told about Trump, but when Trump lies “that’s between him and God.’