Right Wing Bonus Tracks: W.A.R at the White House

  • Wayne Allyn Root reports that he is “headed to D.C. tomorrow,” thanks to a “personal invite by President Trump to the White House.”
  • Dave Daubenmire is an anti-vaxxer and very proud that his grandchildren have not been vaccinated.
  • Lance Wallnau thinks that he knows what is responsible for the New England Patriots’ struggles: “Ever since the news went public that Tom Brady’s wife practices witchcraft and incantations to empower her husbands wins, I believe the tide has turned.”
  • Scott Lively is upset that the Hallmark Channel is reportedly open to making Christmas movies featuring same-sex couples and/or other LGBTQ characters: “It’s killing us as a movement to have people in the business world who won’t stand firm on family values.”
  • Finally, Austin Miles declares that the impeachment effort against President Donald Trump is a “war against every patriot conservative and Christian who will stand against the Communist Party USA and prevent them from taking our country into their captivity. That is their intentions with George Soros’ money behind them.”