Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘Voting for Democrats Will Kill You’

  • Dave Daubenmire says “the idea of women not being able to vote was at the very center of the natural family” and done so that “you didn’t get in a situation where the husband’s and the wife’s vote split the power of the family.”
  • White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says that “God put me in this place for a purpose and for a reason” and that her only concern is “that when I pass that He will look at me and say, ‘well done good and faithful servant.’ If I can end my life that way, it doesn’t matter what the people say on the way there.”
  • Given that David Barton lies incessantly, we’d love to see him take his own advice just once: “if someone came to you and said, ‘I heard you lie, you’re a liar,’ you say, ‘Hey, I know I made a mistake on that, [but] I’ve told the truth 500 other times.’ You don’t want to be remembered by what you did wrong. Now, acknowledge what you did wrong.”
  • Josh Bernstein warns that “voting for Democrats will kill you.”
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley clams that he is “the number one draw” on the Right Wing Watch Twitter account. That is laughably untrue, but what do you expect from someone who doesn’t “give a fuck about being factual.”