Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump vs The Devil

  • E.W. Jackson explains why conservative Christians will continue to support President Trump: “He’s not perfect, but here again: It’s not Donald Trump or Jesus. It’s really Donald Trump or the devil, in a way.”
  • Joe Long says that including LGBTQ characters in children’s programming “is kind of virtual hostage-taking.”
  • Don Boys declares that “surely, sane, sensible, and sober Americans would not send a sodomite to the White House” because doing so is “almost inviting God’s judgment on America.”
  • David Jolly warns that LGBTQ activists are out to destroy Father’s Day: “As you honor your father and grandfather today, make sure you make this an extra special celebration because it could well be the last time we are allowed to officially celebrate Father’s Day here in the United States.”
  • Finally, David Barton says that Trump’s Christian critics “have created an artificial standard as Christians that God doesn’t even have for His leaders in the Bible”: “Give Trump a break. Look at what he’s done. Judge a tree by its fruit, what he’s done for the nation or what he’s done for economics, morality and Israel and so many things the Bible talks about. No one in our lifetime gets as much done for biblically correct things as what he’s done.”