Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Transgender Propaganda Day

  • Stephen Strang says that those who oppose President Donald Trump are controlled by the devil: “If we can accept that there is a devil and he influences humans to do his bidding, then we can conclude that people are subject to these spiritual authorities even if they don’t understand what they are doing or why.”
  • Rick Wiles claims that if China would just accept Jesus, the coronavirus outbreak would end.
  • Jim Garlow issues a warning about Pete Buttigieg: “Pete’s plays ‘religious.’ It is pathetic. He misquotes Scripture even worse than most ‘progressives.’ It is ludicrous. That is what makes his views like ‘a snake in the grass.’ You don’t see it, until it bites. He acts so ‘holy’ and sanctimonious – Pharisaical – while living out a sodomistic lifestyle. Beware of him … He is dangerous, the worst of all of them.”
  • The Family Research Council is urging parents to “Keep Your Kids Home on Transgender Propaganda Day This Thursday!”
  • Finally, Jan Markell declares that Bernie Sanders is “another one of these self-hating Jews.”