Stephen Strang and Frank Amedia Promote Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

POTUS Shield's Frank Amedia (Image from January 6, 2020 POTUS Shield video)

Frank Amedia, a former Trump campaign adviser and founder of the Trump-supporting “prophetic” network POTUS Shield, told Charisma CEO Stephen Strang Monday that Chinese Christians told him that the death toll from coronavirus infection in China is in the “tens of thousands” rather than the official count of about 2,000.

Amedia was a guest on Strang’s podcast, where he also promoted a conspiracy theory about the coronavirus having been created in a lab in Wuhan, China, that he said is engaged in biological warfare research. Amedia praised Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas for having been “brave enough” to publicize the laboratory theory, which has been debunked, in an interview on Fox News.

But Amedia suggested that there’s a silver lining to the coronavirus “plague,” claiming that people were going “in swarms” to house churches and experiencing supernatural healings.

Amedia said that China is in the center of what missionaries refer to the 10/40 window—that part of the world between the 10th parallel north of the equator and the 40th parallel north of the equator where most of the “unreached people groups” live—and that Wuhan is in the center of that area of China. He believed that the virus emerging from Wuhan is a “strategic strike” and “what the enemy has intended for bad, God intends for good.”

Now we see that we are really focusing very quickly to that time to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord, and God is supernaturally taking his move. Now, I know what’s going to happen. It’s going to be like a Pat Robertson effect when Pat said, “Well, you know, there was an earthquake in Haiti because they’ve been so bad.” That’s not what I’m saying.

What I’m saying is you cannot close your eyes and ignore exactly what’s going on. We have at our access political understanding, geographical understanding, spiritual understanding, medical understanding, military understanding. We see the socioeconomic balance of it all. And when we process that and put it together, this is not a coincidence.

And so now we say, ‘Lord, what is it?’ And what I say it is, is this is our time to pray, to intercede, to declare that revival will start in this same place where this plague has come forth…

Amedia also bragged about media recognition that he believes confirms that POTUS Shield is a powerful spiritual weapon deployed on behalf of President Donald Trump. Strang asked Amedia to plug POTUS Shield and to deliver the closing prayer. Amedia asked God to protect Cotton, the White House, and others who are speaking out about the virus, and he thanked God for “a supernatural move of revival in China, starting in the epicenter of Wuhan.”

Strang seemed to hedge his bets a bit with a few comments tacked onto the end of the podcast, acknowledging that it’s difficult to confirm the information they were getting from China. He said they believe from their sources that “the gist of it is right,” while adding, “We know a lot of this is speculative and we may not know until later.”

A few days earlier, Strang interviewed missionary Dennis Balcombe, who wrote in an op ed for Charisma last week that “for the church, this has been a blessing in disguise” and “a great opportunity to pray and spread the gospel.”

Amedia and Strang are both authors of books promoting the idea that Trump was anointed by God.