Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘These People Are Going to Jail’

  • Laurie Cardoza-Moore wants the Council on American-Islamic Relations to be designated as a foreign terrorist organization: “Send them all back to where they came from and they can continue to practice their Sharia law, and their anti-West value system, where they come from … These people need to be looked at and we need to see where their loyalties lie and what they’re doing.”
  • Rick Wiles warns that Jews will soon outlaw mentioning the name of Jesus in America.
  • Theodore Shoebat says that “Paul Joseph Watson Is Evil.”
  • Brenden Dilley has a challenge for Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims.
  • Cory Daniel explains that Freemasonry was behind Rep. Steve Cohen’s decision to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken to mock Attorney General William Barr for refusing to testify at a House hearing last week
  • Finally, Richard Land declares that Barr is “going to investigate all the nefarious activity that took place under the Obama administration in the Justice Department and the FBI and the CIA in an attempted coup d’état. And Mr. Barr is going to uncover it – and these people are going to jail. So they’re trying to kill him [legally speaking] before he can kill them.”