Paul Joseph Watson Is Back On His Soy

Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson uploaded another video yesterday as part of his campaign to warn young men about his (scientifically debunked) claims that soy products will have feminizing effects on their bodies.

In a precursor video we wrote about last year, Watson warned viewers of “soy boys” and presented an assortment of studies about sperm counts and estrogen in an attempt to provide a scientific basis for alt-right memes about the effects of soy. In his video uploaded yesterday, Watson returned to the topic of soy products to tell his viewers how to spot a “soy boy.”

“Soy overconsumption physically manifests itself on the face of the sufferer,” Watson said.

The video proceeds to dissect the term “soy face,” which is a months-old right-wing meme born inside 4chan, in which users post images of men smiling with their mouths stretched open alongside phrases like “nu male,” “beta male” and “soy boy.” Watson added that the over-exaggerated face was also known as “glory hole face.”

“Although meant to display exuberance and excitement, look a little closer and see what soy face truly represents—weakness and fear,” Watson said.

“They’re soy boys and they can’t help broadcasting the fact on their big soy faces,” Watson said. “That’s like science and shit, so it can’t be debunked.”

Watson went on to defend Brain Force Plus, a nutritional supplement that Watson frequently tries to sell on behalf of Infowars, for containing soy. Watson claimed soy was included in the snake-oil brain pills because one of the supplement’s ingredients increases libido, and therefore testosterone.

“We had to put a bit of soy in Brain Force just to balance it out,” he said.