Right Wing Bonus Tracks: There’s Socialists In The Media

  • John Guandolo says that politicians should be jailed for letting the Muslim Brotherhood supposedly spread through the federal government: “Americans continue to be killed because our leaders are ‘professional incompetent’ [officials], and [in] the real world, that’s called criminal negligence and we put doctors and lawyers in jail for that.”
  • Liz Crokin claims John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn Bessette faked their death in 1999 “to avoid assassination and have lived in witness protection for two decades plotting & executing The Plan to take down the pedophile Satanists who killed President Kennedy.”
  • Speaking of Crokin, she also managed to unironically praise an article published by the satire news outlet The Onion that mocked people like her who believe in the “QAnon” conspiracy theory.
  • Washington Times columnist Robert Knight warns OneNewsNow, “There are a lot of socialists in the media. They call themselves liberals but they’re really socialist.”
  • Life Site News laments “the gaying of Fox News.”