Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Solution to Climate Change

  • After meeting with former President Donald Trump last week, right-wing radio host Eric Metaxas declares that he is more confident than ever that Trump will be returned to the White House: “We the people chose Trump—twice—and that’s gonna come out.”
  • Having been fired by TruNews, Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke are now appearing as commentators on “The Stew Peters Show.”
  • Richard Harris of the Truth & Liberty Coalition is outraged by President Joe Biden’s push for vaccinations: “This brazen, imperial power grab is unprecedented in the history of our nation. We have a constitutional republic, not a dictatorship. Every adult has a God-given right to choose for themselves what medical treatment to receive. I thought we settled on that principle after the Nazi death camps.”
  • Tony Perkins says that while “man is responsible for the changing climate,” the real cause is sin and therefore the only solution “is to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.”
  • Finally, Mike Lindell reveals that he rushed the release his election fraud “documentary” earlier this year because he was afraid the government was going to kill him.