Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The One-Sided Dangers of Ballot Harvesting

  • David Barton dedicated an entire episode of his “WallBuilders Live” radio program today to warning about the dangers of alleged Democratic “ballot harvesting” without once mentioning the election in North Carolina, where it appears Republicans did just that. Perhaps that is because Barton endorsed Mark Harris?
  • Chris McDonald and Butch Maltby spent last night’s “McFiles” show defending a North Carolina church that is described by former members as a violent cult, attacking the A&E network as anti-Christian bigots for producing a series about the church.
  • Allen Whitt of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia doesn’t believe a transgender student’s claim that he was discriminated against by a teacher: “Because for those individuals, especially students who are suffering from the mental diagnosis of gender dysphoria, if someone is prone to lie to themselves about the very nature of their biology, then they will also be likely to lie about other salacious details that may help to further their activism.”
  • South Carolina Republicans are considering scrapping the primary election in 2020 to prevent anyone from challenging President Trump: “Pigs will fly before the South Carolina GOP allows Trump to have opposition.”
  • Finally, Rick Wiles claims that the sham Trump Foundation is being shut down by the deep state “as punishment for talking about the Clinton Foundation.”