Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Most Evil Demon in America

  • Shane Vaughn declares that “God’s people don’t celebrate [Halloween] in any way, shape, or form” because it is a “demonic festival.”
  • David Lane laments that “working through the radically secularized Warren Court [1953-1969], Satan guilefully and cunningly removed Scripture from public education in 1963, which accelerated the steep slide to the present-day culture.”
  • Tony Spell and Alex Jones agree that the United Nations controls the weather and that COVID-19 vaccines are part of Satan’s plan to depopulate the Earth “because he wants revenge against the human race.”
  • It has been seven years, but First Liberty’s Kelly Shackelford is still promoting the bogus story about Gabriella Perez allegedly being told that she couldn’t pray before eating her lunch at school.
  • After months of hyping the Arizona audit, Dave Hayes now says the final report only appeared to be a bust because all the evidence of fraud is being kept secret so it can be used when prosecutors bring criminal cases before grand juries.
  • Finally, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson proclaims that people must turn to their Bibles for truth because a television set is “a one-eyed devil sitting right in your living room for the purpose of destroying your mind,” while asserting that the word “media” stands for “Most Evil Demon In America.”