Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Moral Dam

  • David Barton wants it known that he has no problem with the things that President Donald Trump tweets: “I like his tweets. I like the fact they stir up controversy.”
  • Gene Ho, a photographer for Trump’s 2016 campaign who has climbed all aboard the QAnon conspiracy train, sat down with Eric Metaxas for an interview.
  • Did Wayne Allyn Root pay $20,000 to buy himself a spot on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars?
  • Bryan Fischer writes about what he sees as a fundamental divide in life: “God loves people, environmental activists don’t.”
  • Finally, Jim Garlow declares that Christians can never vote for Pete Buttigieg: “Don’t participate in the sodomization & gomorrahization of our community – and our nation. And for the record, hmsxlty yesterday, trans today, pedophilia tomorrow, and guess what after that. The moral dam has burst. And the blood is on the hands of those – some evangelicals!!! – who would not stand for truth.”