Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sorry, John Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now. He’s Dead.

  • At Turning Point USA’s youth conference this week, disgraced journalist Benny Johnson gave a presentation that used content from an alt-right creator.
  • Tommy Robinson has been kicked off a crowdfunding site after attempting to raise money for a teenager who allegedly assaulted a Syrian refugee.
  • Bill Mitchell apparently doesn’t realize that it’s easy to search his old tweets on Twitter.
  • Remember those Roger Stone autographed rocks we mention in the 2018 Right Wing Watch holiday gift guide? It turns out they’re just about as worthless as we would expect.
  • The GoFundMe campaign that Trump supporters help will fund a southern border wall has raised more than $12 million.
  • Katrina Pierson, a former Trump 2016 campaign spokeswoman, doesn’t seem to understand why Sen. John McCain hasn’t answered her questions about the “#RussiaHoax.” (That’s because he died.)