Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The God Of War

  • Tim Barton delivered a presentation for Memorial Day in which he argued that “God is not anti-war” and is actually “in favor of wars sometimes.”
  • Mike Huckabee will soon “share his wisdom and guiding hand in this new daily program airing Monday through Friday at 6:30pm ET” on the Christian broadcasting network TBN.
  • Jason Rapert is outraged that the Libertarian Party nominated a gay man as its presidential candidate: “Another sign the nation is going to hell in a hand basket. When are you going to finally stand up loud and strong Americans?”
  • Antisemitic Christian nationalist Andrew Torba helpfully admits that “in recent years, the Appeal to Heaven Flag has been adopted by Christian Nationalists as a symbol of their commitment to upholding the principles of faith, freedom, and self-governance. As a Christian Nationalist myself, I have been flying the flag outside my home for over five years.”
  • Finally, while former President Donald Trump is currently on trial for breaking the law while trying to cover up an adulterous affair, religious-right commentator Sandy Rios insists that his commitment to his wife Melania shows he’s a man of character who has “great respect” for God.
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