Right Wing Bonus Tracks: That’s One Way to Stop Impeachment

  • Bill Deagle thinks that President Donald Trump should shut down the impeachment inquiry by declaring martial law and putting Democratic leaders in prison.
  • Tim Wildmon says that “the secular progressives in this country will not be satisfied until they close down every Christian church in America and any organization that does not bow their knee to homosexuality.”
  • For his part, Franklin Graham declares that he will never “bow down at the altar of the LGBTQ agenda nor worship their rainbow pride flag.”
  • Cindy Jacobs was recently at the Knesset “discussing the importance of Jews and Christians working together to support Israel.”
  • Finally, Liz Crokin is convinced that Rachel Maddow is wearing a medical boot not to heal from an ankle injury but to hide the tracking monitor placed on her after being arrested for being “a deep state puppet.”