Right Wing Bonus Tracks: That One Slipped Out

  • Tony Spell preaches that “there ought to be anger that rises up in us” over the fact that “a man that is married to a man” like Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg can take paternity leave.
  • Today we realized that David Barton has been repeating the same lie for 10 years.
  • Even when writing on Facebook, Greg Locke just can’t help but rant and rave.
  • In an effort to prove to potential voters that she will be responsive to them if elected to Congress, Laura Loomer is giving out her personal phone number.
  • Robin Bullock attempts to use his spiritual authority to negate the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines: “In the name of Jesus, I call that serum null and void.”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes declares that Groypers “are the only ones that aren’t racist” before mocking Steve Bannon as a “fat r*tard” who is trying to “flood the zone with ni**er votes.” After dropping the N-word, Fuentes acknowledges “that one slipped out.”