Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Take It by Force

  • Greg Locke declares that “there is no reason the church of the living God and the kingdom of Jesus Christ should not rule this nation”: “Those that truly follow Jesus Christ take it by force!”
  • E.W. Jackson says that President Joe Biden “is a moral sewer.”
  • Robin Bullock proclaims that “Joe Biden is not the legitimate president. He is a jackal sitting in the White House seat.”
  • Todd Coconato praises actor Jim Caviezel for spreading the right-wing conspiracy theory that elites are torturing children to harvest adrenaline from them: “This is real stuff. It’s not conspiracy.”
  • Scott Lively claims that “highly privileged White Liberal Puppetmasters (WLPs) using their extensive resources to stir resentment and hatred among black people, luring them into a group with the promise of ‘taking revenge’ on white people, and protecting them from consequences for their actions.”
  • Finally, the American Family Association is launching its own video streaming platform.