Right Wing Bonus Tracks: So Long, Michael Peroutka

  • Neo-Confederate and Christian nationalist extremist Michael Peroutka was defeated in yesterday’s Republican primary as he sought to retain his seat on the county council in Anne Arundel, Maryland.
  • Rob Pue says that he and his fellow Religious Right activists protest outside of women’s health clinics and at Pride parades because “God uses His people to warn the wicked. We do that. We take His Word seriously. We cannot, in good conscience, sit idly by, while the devil and his demons destroy our children and our nation, turning it to a Christ-less culture of debauchery and death. We must warn the wicked, intercede for the innocent and preach the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot call ourselves ‘Christians’ and do any less.”
  • Don Boys says that police officers will stop shooting unarmed black men “when Black youth start obeying police officers.”
  • Michael Bresciani declares that “only Satan could twist the truth so badly, that to say homosexuality was against God’s commands is perverted and undignified, but being gay is perfectly normal.”
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer defends President Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban: “You can ignore the nattering nabobs of negativism who screech that this is anti-Islamic discrimination. Of course it is.”