Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Smash-Mouth Fundamentalism

  • Republican Rep. Chris Smith says that abortion is “a weapon of mass destruction.”
  • Abby Johnson claims that abortion is driven by “the same demonic spirit that we read about in the Old Testament”: “It’s the same spirit of Molech and Baal.”
  • William Wolfe declares that when it comes to the future of the Southern Baptist Convention, “what we need is … smash-mouth fundamentalism.”
  • Is anyone surprised that Georgia GOP district chair and failed gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor doesn’t believe the moon landing happened? “Since I was a little girl, it’s looked fake. Why haven’t we been back? It’s common sense.”
  • Finally, Rudy Giuliani asserts that Jan. 6 was a set-up and that the subsequent imprisonment of those involved has “probably been the worst violation of human rights we’ve had in American history; maybe the Japanese internment in World War II would be similar to it.”
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