Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

  • Tim Barton sees a sign of a religious revival taking place in America: “When you look at how God is using Donald Trump—his vocabulary, his character—he’s had some changes in his life.”
  • Josh Bernstein declares that “Adam Schiff doesn’t belong in this impeachment trial, he doesn’t belong to be a House manager in President Trump’s Schiff sham show impeachment trial. Adam Schiff needs to be a defendant in his own trial.”
  • Paula White takes authority over the marine kingdom, the animal kingdom, and all “satanic pregnancies” that seek to harm Trump or the church.
  • Scott Lively is asking you to enlist in his “Revolutionary Remnant Regiment.”
  • Finally, a warning from Perry Stone: “The liberal radicals taking over in November of 2020. If you have been paying attention, one campaign manger on the left said conservative Christians should be placed in concentration camps (to be re-programmed in their thinking).”