Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Shove It

  • Kat Kerr proclaims that Joe Biden’s inauguration tomorrow is “fake” and doesn’t count because “it’s not what’s real.”
  • Robert Gagnon wants the Southern Baptist Convention to “impeach Russell Moore,” the president of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, because Moore supports impeaching President Donald Trump over the Capitol insurrection.
  • QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine warns that the “maniacal deep state” is planning to assassinate Biden in a false flag operation that will be blamed on a Trump supporter, perhaps even her.
  • Che Ahn has tapped Bevelyn Beatty to serve as vice president of his 1 Race 4 Life effort, which works to elect anti-choice officials to office.
  • Rick Wiles is once again vowing to shut down his nightly “TruNews” program to focus only on spreading the Gospel. He’s literally been making that same promise for years.
  • Finally, Hank Kunneman continues to insist that Trump will remain in office and declares that if you think he’s a false prophet, “then you can take your opinion and you can shove it.”