Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Scumbags

  • Josh Bernstein says the “scumbags” at Black Lives Matter are “Marxist, Black, revolutionary communist pieces of garbage, and they should all be absolutely destroyed.”
  • The right-wing television network GOD TV has been removed from the air in Israel over concerns that the channel is being used by evangelicals to convert Jews.
  • Just weeks after Brenden Dilley declared that he was just waiting for the “green light” to start gunning down protesters, Republican congressional candidate Buzz Patterson appeared on his livestream program and told Dilley that he loved him like a brother.
  • Mike Heath fumes that wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 means that “Americans have sunk lower than beasts.”
  • Finally, Liberty Counsel warns that “the DNA of murdered children will be injected into the bloodstream of anyone who takes those tainted [COVID-19] vaccines.”