Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Saving the Nation

  • Wayne Allyn Root reports that Donald Trump Jr. will be a guest on his radio program on Monday.
  • Bill Mitchell claims that the reason so many federal court vacancies were left open at the end of Obama’s presidency was not because of obstruction by Senate Republicans, but because Obama agreed to leave them open so they could be filled by Hillary Clinton.
  • Jim Bakker asserts that Christians would never attack the president because “church people usually don’t beat up on the president because they know God puts up the president.” Tell that to Obama.
  • Ted Cruz hopes to run for president again.
  • Bryan Fischer thinks that there is no need for reparations because people who live below the poverty line have access to air conditioning and cell phones.
  • Finally, Rick Green declares that “when you donate to ‘WallBuilders Live,’ you’re literally helping to save the country.”