Jim Bakker: Washington Train Derailment Was A Warning From God

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker declared on his television program last week that last month’s train derailment in Washington state was some sort of warning from God.

“What do you think that train going off the tracks in Washington state was?” he asked, rhetorically. “What is the spiritual side? Why is it right now, at this time of the year?”

Noting that the train was on its maiden voyage on a new stretch of track, Bakker likened the derailment to the sinking of the Titanic, which apparently made it spiritually significant.

“The great preachers of all times have said the Titanic is God’s warning,” Bakker said, “and I believe—here again, one of the fast new trains, brand new, crashed off the tracks on its maiden voyage—people, you had better listen to what is going on.”


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