Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Satan’s Premeditated Assault

  • Liz Crokin has issued a warning: “To everyone who has messed with me these past seven years let this be a warning to you. I don’t forget, and it may take years, but I NEVER lose. So you can spend the rest of your pathetic lives wondering when and ‘if’ I’m going to come back to haunt you…I can promise you in one way or another, I will.
  • Speaking of QAnon conspiracy theorists, actor Jim Caviezel would be right at home among even the most fanatical of them: “I’m telling you it’s coming. And they know it’s coming. And the world is going to have a rude awakening, and this will be worse than anything that anybody has ever seen.”
  • David Lane decries “three important Supreme Court decisions [that] represent Satan’s premeditated assault on liberty and freedom: “They include the removal of prayer to Jehovah from education in Engel v. Vitale in 1962, the expulsion of the Bible from public education in Abington School District v. Schempp in 1963 and the ban on displaying the Ten Commandments in public schools, courthouses and government buildings in Stone v. Graham in 1980.”
  • Mike Huckabee will be awarded the Winston Churchill Lifetime Achievement Award at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s upcoming Road to Majority Policy Conference.
  • Finally, Jason Rapert cited a Bible verse that calls for gay people to be put to death while demanding that the Obergefell decision be overturned: “No, it’s not settled law. God’s word is what is settled on this thing.”