Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rise Up, Normies

  • Scott Lively declares that “it is past time for the normies to rise up and tear down the transgender normalization racket in our society. And if you don’t do that you’ll have no one to blame but yourself when this bloody atrocity becomes as common as Drag Queen Story Hour.”
  • Charlie Kirk keeps repeating his nonsensical claim that God and the Founding Fathers hated cities and that the creation of this nation was guided by the story of the Tower of Babel contained in Genesis 11.
  • Dalton Clodfelter blames “society” for the fact that he can’t have a “normal life” simply because he wants to make “edgy jokes” about loving Hitler, hating Jews, and saying the N-word.
  • Isabella Riley Moody says “the 19th Amendment is a horrible thing” and that “one of the worst things to ever happen for America was women getting the right to vote.”
  • Finally, Jim Garlow is considered to be a reasonable “mainstream” religious-right leader, but he is nothing of the sort.