Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Our Christian Nationalist SCOTUS

  • Antisemitic Christian nationalist Andrew Torba celebrates “our Christian Nationalist majority SCOTUS”: “June is now Christian Nationalist month.”
  • Lauren Witzke is likewise thrilled with recent court rulings: “Imagine the future possibilities of what White men can accomplish without the burden of Affirmative Action holding them back.”
  • Nick Fuentes now claims that he was exaggerating when he said that he intends to find a 16 year-old child bride once he turns 30. (For the record, he wasn’t exaggerating at all.)
  • Texas state Rep. Briscoe Cain appeared on Anna Perez’s show this afternoon.
  • President Biden held a Pride event at the White House earlier this month, prompting Jim Bakker to warn that “God is going to judge America”: “We have cursed God. We have mocked God. God is not mocked.”
  • Finally, Oklahoma’s far-right State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters told those gathered for the Moms For Liberty conference that they are the modern-day version of the Founding Fathers: “This is the most important conference to happen in Philadelphia since 1776.”