Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Our Beautiful Christianity

  • Anna Perez declares that she’d be willing to take a bullet for former President Donald Trump “because President Trump would take a bullet for me”: “What he’s doing is actually Christlike.”
  • Scott Lively says that Trump’s arrest “is above all else a Lefty Sieg Heil to the Rainbow Swastika.”
  • Pete Santilli reacted to Trump’s arrest by calling Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg a “Black communist” who is intent on “taking down the White man”: “These Black Satanic communists have taken over.”
  • Trump joined a group of religious-right leaders for an “emergency prayer call” Tuesday night where bragged that he has been a steadfast champion of “our beautiful Christianity.”
  • Finally, since there is no conspiracy theorist that Eric Metaxas won’t promote, he’s now using his radio show to promote Rima Laibow, who claims that in 2002, she treated an unnamed “head of state” who openly told her of their plan to launch a “culling of the useless eaters” to eliminate “90% of the total population of the planet.”