‘Donald Trump, Call Me’: Robin Bullock Says Trump Must Listen to the Prophets, Not His Political Advisers

Self-proclaimed “prophet” Robin Bullock appeared on the “Flyover Conservatives” program last Wednesday, where he urged Donald Trump to call him so that he could deliver a prophetic word from God about how the former president can regain his position in the White House.

Bullock claimed that he had heard, in the spirit, Trump’s advisers telling the former president not to listen to the prophets. Bullock insisted that Trump must not listen to those advisers and instead call him so that he can pass on the word from God that Trump was “anointed from the day you were born to be president.”

“Get in touch with me, and I can tell you some of these things,” Bullock said. “Donald Trump, call me. Call me. … Listen to the prophets. Don’t let them tell you to not listen to the prophets. … I heard these people talking, and they told the president—I’m talking about President Trump. The president. I’m not talking about the jackal who barks over the desk of the Oval Office. I’m talking about the president—I was listening to this conversation and they said, ‘Don’t listen to the prophets.'”

“But the Lord said, ‘Don’t listen to your advisers about that because they have their own agenda in mind, and it does not include you,'” Bullock warned. “Operate in the power of God, and let him pave your way. [Take] one step toward your position, and God will open the way all the way back. After I gave a word similar to that, a very important person called me and said, ‘You have no idea how right you are.’ He said, ‘I know one of his close advisers, and they told him, “Don’t run in 2024. Don’t run again. You’ll mess it up for all of us.”‘ I heard the conversation. I heard them talking. And I’m going to tell the president something: Donald John Trump, you were anointed from the day you were born to be president, and you were brought on the scene for such a time as this.”

Bullock appeared on “The Gathering” program Saturday, where he reiterated the importance of Trump contacting him so that he can inform the former president that he need not wait until 2024 to run for president again.

“He is the president,” Bullock said. “He don’t have to run again. He already is the president. All he has to do is turn and step toward his position, and God will put him there. … Right now, if he steps back in, they have to give him back the year he lost. He already knows what he’s about to do, and he needs the prophets to stand, because he’s listening to them now.”