Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Operation Bomb Ourselves

  • Lance Wallnau has some thoughts on the bombs that have been sent to various Democratic leaders and members of the media in recent days: “I’m telling you, I think it’s ALL a set up. It’s not the Trump base behind these bombs any more than it’s them funding those mobile mobs. Let’s see if this is some neo nazi in a basement or a sopisticated (sic) rougue (sic) C.I.A. type operation. Which reminds me- did Brenner, the former head of the C.I.A. get a bomb? Of course. His went to CNN. Well they have video ability so maybe they will get an identification.And all these hard to reach places got their package at the same time? See what I mean? Who benefits from this? The democrats who are getting negative press for violence and aggression in their ranks. Fishy. “
  • John Guandolo, president of Understanding The Threat, also has some thoughts on the subject: “UTT’s Assessment is that all of these operations – Trump Collusion, Kavanaugh attacks, Islamic response to Khashoggi murder, the ‘migrant’ invasion, and today’s ‘bombs’ ‘targeting’ Marxist leaders – are coordinated. They serve to advance and grow the Marxist and Islamic Counter-States.”
  • Randall Terry likewise has some thoughts about the targets of these mailings: “They are evildoers. They are a threat to human life, Truth, and Justice. They are self-conscious enemies of the Laws of God. They are baby-killers.And now – exploiting this news cycle just days before the election – they want President Trump and the rest of us Christian conservatives to surrender our most effective weapon: The Truth. We will not surrender the Truth. The targets of mail bombs were baby-killing evildoers two days ago…they’re still baby-killing evildoers today. We must fearlessly continue to say the truth.”
  • Josh Bernstein claims to have uncovered irrefutable proof that George Soros is funding the migrant caravan and anyone who doesn’t believe him can “go to hell.”
  • Trevor Thomas asserts that “today’s liberalism isn’t merely ‘intrinsically uncivil,’ but rather inherently evil.”
  • Finally, the Family Research Council continues to pray for the midterm elections: “Heavenly Father, have mercy upon our nation. Move those of us who believe to humble ourselves, pray, and repent, not of some things you condemn, but to return to you with wholehearted commitment to observe ‘all things’ you have commanded us. Please stir every registered voter who fears you during the 12 days remaining before the critical mid-term election to pray ceaselessly, vote despite every effort to deter them, and to stand for biblical values with every vote. Help each one do their homework thoroughly so that their votes count for righteousness.”