Right Wing Bonus Tracks: In Need Of A Gun-Friendly Healthcare Professional?

  • Radical anti-choice activist Randall Terry will be holding protests in West Virginia aimed at pressuring Sen. Joe Manchin to vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh because “as a pro-life Christian, Mr. Manchin has an obligation to God and the innocent babies to confirm a man who might be the deciding vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade.”
  • Right-wing pastor Paul Begley says that those who “stalk” him in an effort to discredit him (presumably, he means us) will never succeed “because you can’t come against righteousness and win.”
  • Are you seeking “a gun-friendly healthcare professional … who [will] respect the Second Amendment”? Well, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership has you covered.
  • Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein declares that he would “probably trust Vladimir Putin and Russia more than [he] would trust the top brass … of our intelligence community.”
  • Finally, Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire dedicated his entire “Pass The Salt Live” webcast yesterday to praising the actions of a radical anti-abortion activist who spent seven years in prison for burning down two women’s health clinics and attempting to bomb another.