Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Obama Was a British Spy

  • Rick Wiles declares that there is “a strong possibility that Barack Obama was a British spy who penetrated the American election system.”
  • Speaking of Wiles, he is telling his audience not to engage on social media with those who accuse him of anti-Semitism, because those accounts are probably being run by Israel.
  • Jacob Wohl offers some helpful PR advice: Lie and deny if possible … but if you can’t do that, do the right thing.
  • Sandy Rios warns that America has a “powerful and very effective move to mainstream a sexual behavior in this country that is not by God’s design.”
  • Jordan Peterson told Dennis Prager that he believes that universities and academia are doing more harm than good at this point in history.
  • Tony Perkins stressed the need to “prepare” children on how to contribute to political conversations with a Religious Right perspective.
  • Finally, the Holy Spirit gave “weather warrior” Kat Kerr a tip on how to eliminate the floodwaters that are inundating parts of the country: “If you stomp on the ground, the water will go down.”