Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Kat Kerr Deserves Our Thanks

  • Self-proclaimed “weather warrior” Kat Kerr claims that she deserves credit for saving lives by weakening Hurricane Florence with her prayers.
  • Mission America’s Linda Harvey declares that “outright molestation isn’t always the outcome of ‘LGBTQ’ propaganda, but mental and moral corruption is.”
  • Self-proclaimed “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor knows why Democrats oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court: “It has everything to do with Military Tribunals, being charged with Treason, executed, or sent to Gitmo for the rest of there life.”
  • End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles says that the Democrats “politically gang raped” Robert Bork during his Supreme Court nomination in 1987.
  • Finally, Accuracy in Media’s Brian McNicoll really busts the Washington Post: “63 of Trump’s ‘5,000 Lies’ in Post Database Shown Not to be Lies At All.”