Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Obama the Antichrist

  • Scott Lively says that former President Barack Obama “is the closest thing to the Antichrist that our country has ever seen.”
  • Kelleigh Nelson fumes that Obama’s “words have inflamed those who hate America’s whites and are destroying their property today.”
  • John Whitehead thinks it is unfair to compare protests against systemic racism in the United States to the American Revolution because “the violence the Founding Fathers advocated was violence against a government that was oppressing them, not their fellow citizens.”
  • Bill Mitchell declares that there is no point in protesting or in kneeling during the National Anthem or in supporting Black Lives Matter because such things are just “empty symbolism” that didn’t prevent George Floyd from being killed.
  • David Lane laments that “there are very real consequences to having allowed secularists—those in rebellion against God—to imbue the minds of America’s youth with their profane propaganda for the last 75 years.”
  • DeAnna Lorraine is sad that she was not invited to a recent family gathering just because her family members didn’t want to hear her explain that Black Lives Matter is a Black supremacy organization intent on fomenting civil war.
  • Finally, a who’s who of religious-right activists appear in a forthcoming film that warns that failing to reelect President Donald Trump could give rise to the Antichrist.