Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Mourning Rally

  • Peter LaBarbera will be holding a “mourning rally” outside the Supreme Court on June 26 to mark the fourth anniversary of the court’s Obergefell marriage equality decision.
  • Liz Crokin predictably says that the man arrested for setting a fire at Comet Ping Pong is a “cabal plant.”
  • Karyn Turk declares that it is blatantly obvious that Rep. Ilhan Omar “is a sleeper cell.”
  • MassResistance is waging war against Drag Queen Story Hour: “Let’s not delude ourselves. Drag Queen Story Hour is about normalizing sexual deviance, homosexuality, transgenderism, and ultimately pedophilia. We will keep readers informed about our successful efforts to expose and ultimately end this latest iteration of the LGBT agenda.”
  • Finally, Laura Loomer announced that she’ll be protesting outside of Twitter headquarters in New York City on Feb. 20 and is calling for a “48 hour social media blackout in protest of social media bias [against] conservatives” in the days before the event.