Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Mossad’s Front Man

  • Jim Garlow spent yesterday on Capitol Hill, where he met with congressional leaders and led a Bible study.
  • Dave Daubenmire writes that “we can no longer survive as a nation if we do not have system of Justice where no one is above the law. That includes Hillary Clinton and her wife Bill. As long as the two of them are walking the streets of America Lady Justice will be forced to hide her eyes.”
  • Larry Klayman is mad at Fox News for not covering any of his ridiculous lawsuits.
  • Rick Wiles claims that Jeffrey Epstein was actually a Mossad “front man” tasked with obtaining blackmail material that could be used against powerful Americans in order to merge the U.S. and Israel into one nation.
  • Finally, Liz Crokin says that Barack Obama is a satanist who rapes and traffics kids, and worships Moloch.