Right Wing Bonus Tracks: May God Stop The Widespread Recrimination Of LGBT Activists Against Christians

  • Roy Moore’s Foundation for Moral Law is calling on the “Mississippi Supreme Court to reject as illegitimate and unconstitutional the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges that purported to legalize same-sex marriage.”
  • Tully Borland says that even if Moore did molest underage girls, he would still vote for him because Doug Jones’ support for legal abortion means that he is a “moral monster” and “so extreme that a vote for him is a vote for the greater of two evils by a wide margin.”
  • Linda Harvey advocates for censoring pornography: “Censorship? Why not? What would be lost? There is no redeeming social value in pornographic images of actors paid, and usually drugged, to have fake sex in front of cameras for money. Who finds any of this interesting? There are so many more positive ways to direct ones’ energy.”
  • Daniel Greenfield says that “the slave auction is ancient history in America. But Obama’s Islamist alliance brought it back to Africa.”
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays for the upcoming Supreme Court case that may grant Christian business owners the right to discriminate against LGBTQ customers: “May He powerfully anoint the briefs and arguments presented to the Court on behalf of Jack Phillips. May He specifically intervene to guide each member of the Supreme Court to uphold religious freedom for every American and to stop the widespread recrimination of LGBT activists against Christians.”