Right Wing Bonus Tracks: May God Restrain The Democrats

  • Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to appear on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight.
  • After losing his bid for re-election, former Rep. Dave Brat has been named dean of the Liberty University School of Business.
  • Dennis Prager warns that “2019 will be a dark year in America” because the Democrats are in control of the House of Representatives.
  • Scott Lively announces that his New Year’s Resolution for 2019 “is to redouble my commitment to fight for Biblical Truth and the Natural Order of Creation using every skill, talent and resource at my disposal.”
  • The latest conservative attack on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez involves a video of her dancing, for some reason. Even conservative outlets like RedState are getting exhausted.
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays that God will restrain the Democrats in Congress: “Please pray that God will place his hand upon the 116th Congress — that he will restrain it from excess and guide it to offer constructive bi-partisan legislation that is in line with his word, which is his will. May he prevent passage of laws that condone, foster, promote, or fund what the Bible clearly teaches as sin. May the fear of God come upon every member of Congress to make him or her aware of the consequences of declaring what is good to be evil and evil good. As each member of the House and Senate take their oath of office seriously tomorrow, may they be held to account by the Holy Spirit and determination of the God-honoring citizens they serve. May God have mercy upon our nation over the next two years and may his superintendence of Congress and all the branches enable his kingdom purposes and the moral and spiritual welfare of the American people move forward during the coming year. May the hostility we can expect based upon what we have seen for the past two years be amazingly subdued. May the expected efforts to further punish believers for their biblical beliefs be unsuccessful, and may God be glorified in all things no matter what the future brings! “