Liberty University Professor Judith Reisman Says Pizzagate ‘Is Worthy Of FBI Investigation’

Last week, Liberty University professor Judith Reisman, a radical anti-LGBTQ activist who believes that public schools should face class action lawsuits from parents for illegally “grooming” children for sex, declared that “this whole Pizzagate issue is worthy of FBI investigation.”

On the April 26 episode of his “USA Survival” program, Cliff Kincaid asked Reisman her thoughts on the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which asserts that influential lawmakers and power brokers are involved in a child sex trafficking ring operating out of a Washington pizza parlor. Reisman responded that she would like to see claims investigated by authorities because there is a lot to suggest that they are “true and factual.”

“I definitely know the rings exist,” she said. “I believe that this whole Pizzagate issue is worthy of FBI investigation. It’s time to stop the thinking or wondering or talking about it and it’s time to investigate the reality of this. Yeah, I believe that there’s a lot to recommend this as true and factual information, but let’s get to the bottom of it.”

“Let’s get the police in, let’s get the FBI in,” Reisman added. “This has got to be investigated properly.”