Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Make Clear Words

  • Former President Donald Trump called into the religious-right “Flashpoint” program Thursday night where he said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “is crazy and she is very bad for our country. … and very bad for Christianity.”
  • Eric Trump will be joining Clay Clark’s traveling cavalcade of election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists at the next ReAwaken America Tour stop in Dallas.
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says that Joe Biden is a communist who “is not mentally fit to serve” as president because when he speaks, he “can’t even make clear words.”
  • QAnon conspiracy theorist Dave Hayes (aka “The Praying Medic”) suspects that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a “Judas goat” who is simply “playing stupid” because she’s really a “white hat on our side” who has infiltrated the left “to lead the Democrats over the cliff.”
  • Some deep thoughts from Wayne Allyn Root: “Scramble the letters of Delta-Omicron and you get: MEDIA CONTROL. Not a coincidence. And of course, Omicron alone scrambled spells out ‘MORONIC.'”
  • Finally, Robin Bullock claims that companies offering DNA genetic testing were part of a plot to create COVID-19, which is actually a biological weapon that was released so they could give you a vaccine that will steal your soul: “I’m convinced that’s what all those DNA tests were about. People say, ‘Well, you can’t prove that.’ Maybe not, but you can’t prove that it wasn’t.”